Effiziente Produktion und Einsparpotenziale in Ihrer Papierfabrik

Setzen Sie Rohstoffe, Energie, Zeit und Geld effizient ein? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei!


Reduce maintenance needs and down times of your reject shredders and presses!

Do your reject presses have weak points in housing or frame?

With Hellenbrand Maschinenbau we offer you complete, efficient reject handling systems as well as optimisation of your existing equipment for higher life-times of frames and wear parts.

  • Reliable reject shredding into desired particle size, i.e. for use as combustible material
  • Efficient reject dewatering up to 75 % dry content depending on reject composition
  • Separation of water and reject
  • Screw and other conveyors for reject and other materials